Feline Friends

Feline Friends – Tales from the heart

Feline Friends – Tales from the heart

Written by: Cat Protection Society of NSW

Reviewed by: Sue Millmore

‘Feline Friends – Tales from the heart’ is a collection of short stories of various lengths from cat owners of all ages, such as 9 year old Harry and 11 year old Zoe. Many of the stories feature cats from the Cat Protection Society who operate a “No Kill” shelter in Newtown, Sydney.

The stories are engrossing and touch the heart. It is well known that cats often choose their owners and the stories reflect this. Despite being badly treated by life and humans, somehow cats of all ages endear themselves to that special person who will look after them for the rest of their lives.

The book is beautifully illustrated with photos of cats and kittens with an amazing array of colours and markings.

A great read – anyone who has owned a cat will identify with many of the tales and find themselves moved by the love that exists between cats and owners.

Feline Friends


The Cave, a talking book by Kate Mosse and narrated by Gordon Griffin. Reviewed by Liz Peters

A wonderfully haunting and suspenseful story with an inexplicable twist, that is set in the mountains near the town of Axat in the South –West of France in 1928 and1328.

A young English man, Freddie Smith, whom lost his brother in the Great War is on a motoring holiday, and whilst driving through a terrible storm has a near tragic car accident.

Whilst he is recuperating at a boarding house in the nearby village Axat, Freddie meets with a young lady he presumes is another guest at the boarding house, called Marie, they talk the night away in the sitting room, where she tells Freddie how the region has been ripped apart by wars of religion in the 14th century.  Upon his waking Marie has vanished.

Freddie must stay in town whilst his car is fixed, so to pass the time searches for Marie and walks the mountains in his quest to find the truth and Marie.

The Cave

Evolutions Achilles Heel

Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels

Book Review by Robert Lindsay

Evolution’s  Achilles’ Heels

Have you ever wondered about the origins of everything? Contrary to the commonly accepted ruling paradigm of evolution by chance through naturalistic processes over billions of years, nine PhD scientists present convincing evidence for special creation as a viable and even logical alternative. The chapters are authored by well qualified scientists, most of whom once embraced evolutionary dogma. Each of them eventually realised the inconsistencies in this theory. This book shows how the perceived strengths of evolutionary theory are actually weak points or “Achilles’ heels.” Learn how natural selection, the fossil record, the origin of life, cosmology, genetics, radiometric dating, the geologic record and morality and ethics can be explained within a framework of a young creation by a transcendent God. If you have never taken the time to examine the evidence from a creationist perspective, this book could change your life. Could mainstream evolutionary science be wrong? This is your opportunity to decide on what is perhaps life’s most important question.

This book is available for loan from Lithgow Library and Learning Centre


Evolutions Achilles Heel