Author Talk by Anne Hutchison at Lithgow Library

Anne Hutchison’s first book –The Gift of Adoption shares a powerful journey through parenthood, the challenges and triumphs of raising adopted foreign children, and the remarkable lessons that truly unveil the beating heart of a loving family.

Anne Hutchison is a retired science teacher who started her professional life as a medical scientist working at hospitals in Sydney’s northern suburbs. In her late twenties, she went back to University to follow a passionate calling to become a teacher. She taught Science in the western suburbs of Sydney before taking up a position at a large independent school where she taught for thirty years.

The Gift of Adoption tells her story with fresh light into the adopting and parenting process, hoping to guide others along in their own dreams of raising children in need. Anne and Alan’s adoption experience was everything they hoped for, but the journey was rarely what they expected. Travel along with them to discover how they leaned on their strength and care for each other to build enduring bonds of love and trust with their children, overcoming tremendous odds to form a family that ultimately belonged together.


The author talk will take place at Lithgow Library Learning Centre, 157 Main Street Lithgow on Friday 13 March 2020. Join Anne for a discussion and morning tea at 10.45am. No bookings are required for this free event. For more information contact the Library on 63529100.


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