Author Talk – Keith Painter. Padley of the Pedestal ~James McMillan Padley

Keith Painter

This book is more than just a biography. Within its pages over 500 photos, news clips, documents, maps, and transcripts will take you on a journey with the Padley family from 1801 Yorkshire, England, through the Victorian gold rush at Castlemaine, followed by the heady days of Melbourne’s boom years, then “home” to England. But the great Southern land of opportunity called the family back in the 1880s. For James there were shop ventures in Sydney, Windsor, and northern NSW, followed by a ten-year yo-yo relationship with Windsor, finally settling in Lithgow in 1902. Here he put down roots and was soon the driving force in the Lithgow Progress Association and the chief instigator of the development of Hassans Walls.


Keith Painter came to book writing from a background in typesetting and printing, having worked in Australia, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. In 1994 he wrote and published his first Pocket Pal bushwalking guide. The series of Blue Mountains guides now numbers eight titles with combined sales of over 7,000 copies. Researching bush tracks led Keith into local history, writing The Chert Bubble’s two volumes on Mount Victoria’s 1920s chert industry, followed by Hassans Walls ~ Prized and Pillaged. Studying the Hassans Walls story made him realise what an immense contribution James Padley had made to the Reserve and to Lithgow. Keith hopes to write further local history and bushwalking titles. He is a member of Lithgow & District Family Historical Society, Blue Mountains Historical Society and an individual member of the Blue Mountains Association of Cultural and Heritage Organisations.

Date of Activity: 19 October 2018             

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