The mystery woman by Belinda Alexandra

In a small town, everyone is watching …

Secrets, scandal and betrayal in 1950s small town Australia: the stunning new novel from bestseller Belinda Alexandra.

She had thought Shipwreck Bay was simply a remote town where people were bored senseless with their little lives. Now she saw its virtuous facade hid something darker, more sinister.

Rebecca Wood takes the role as postmistress in a sleepy seaside town, desperate for anonymity after a scandal in Sydney. But she is confronted almost at once by a disturbing discovery – her predecessor committed suicide.

To add to her worries, her hopes for a quiet life are soon threatened by the attentions of the dashing local doctor, the unsettling presence of a violent whaling captain and a corrupt shire secretary, as well as the watchful eyes of the town’s gossips. Yet in spite of herself she is drawn to the enigmatic resident of the house on the clifftop, rumoured to have been a Nazi spy.

Against the backdrop of the turbulent sea, Rebecca is soon caught up in the dangerous mysteries that lie behind Shipwreck Bay’s respectable net curtains.

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Cover tibetan Dress

Tibetan Dress in Amdo and Kham by Gina Corrigan

This is a beautiful and remarkable book about the textiles and fashions in the Tibetan regions of Amdo and Kham. It would appeal to anyone interested in people of the world, particularly spinners, weavers, embroiders, jewelers and those interested in beautiful authentic costumes.

The book by Gina Corrigan is a recent look at the clothing of the region that combines the centuries old designs and constructions with touches of Western influences. Who knew that amber beads could be so huge! (See chapter 9, ‘Amulets and Jewellery’).


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A Walk in the Bush

A Walk in the Bush

A Walk in the Bush

A Walk in the Bush

By Gwyn Perkins.

A delightful stroll through the Australian bush, this picture book has just been named Picture Book of the Year by the Children’s Book Council of Australia.

A walk in the Bush is a story about the wonders of nature, the funny side of life and spending time with the ones we love.

This book is available for loan from the Lithgow Library Learning Centre.

Insomniac city

Insomniac City

Insomniac city

Insomniac City

By Bill Hayes

Bill Hayes came to New York City in 2009 with a one-way ticket and only the vaguest idea of how he would get by. But, at forty-eight years old, having spent decades in San Francisco, he craved change. Grieving over the death of his partner, he quickly discovered the profound consolations of the city’s incessant rhythms, the sight of the Empire State Building against the night sky, and New Yorkers themselves, kindred souls that Hayes, a lifelong insomniac, encountered on late-night strolls with his camera. 

And he unexpectedly fell in love again, with his friend and neighbour, the writer and neurologist Oliver Sacks, whose exuberance–“I don’t so much fear death as I do wasting life,” he tells Hayes early on–is captured in funny and touching vignettes throughout. What emerges is a portrait of Sacks at his most personal and endearing, from falling in love for the first time at age seventy-five to facing illness and death (Sacks died of cancer in August 2015). Insomniac City is both a meditation on grief and a celebration of life. Filled with Hayes’s distinctive street photos of everyday New Yorkers, the book is a love song to the city and to all who have felt the particular magic and solace it offers.


This book is available for loan from the Lithgow Library Learning Centre.

The other wife

The Other Wife by Michael Robotham

The other wife

Childhood sweethearts William and Mary have been married for sixty years. William is a celebrated surgeon, Mary a devoted wife. Both have a strong sense of right and wrong. This is what their son, Joe O’Loughlin, has always believed. But when Joe is summoned to the hospital with news that his father has been brutally attacked, his world is turned upside down. Who is the strange woman crying at William’s bedside, covered in his blood – a friend, a mistress, a fantasist or a killer? Against the advice of the police, Joe launches his own investigation. As he learns more, he discovers sides to his father he never knew – and is forcibly reminded that the truth comes at a price.

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How they met

How They Met. By David Levithan


How they met

How They Met.

By David Levithan

Review by Ali.

How they met is a gorgeous collection of short stories by David Levithan. I have yet to read anything I don’t love of his work and this is no exception. It is basically a collection of sweet love stories. Each story is different but they are connected by the human experiences that we can all relate to: meeting someone, crushing, heart-break, disappointment, magic and falling in love.

If you’re in the mood for some sweetness and a happily ever after-but with twists and turns-this could be your next book.

How They Met is available for loan from the Lithgow Library Learning Centre.

The Dress in the Window

The Dress in the Window By Sofia Grant

The Dress in the Window

“E-audio book* Download free from Lithgow Library’s e-catalogue Axis360 , available free to all members of the library.

Relax and listen to this wonderful story of sisterhood, ambition, and reinvention.

World War II has ended and American women are shedding their old clothes for the gorgeous new styles. Voluminous layers of taffeta and tulle, wasp waists, and beautiful colour—all so welcome after years of sensible styles and strict rationing. 

Jeanne Brink and her sister Peggy both had to weather every tragedy the war had to offer—Peggy now a widowed mother, Jeanne without the fiancé she’d counted on, both living with Peggy’s mother-in-law in a grim mill town.  But despite their grey pasts they long for a bright future—Jeanne by creating stunning dresses for her clients with the help of her sister Peggy’s brilliant sketches.

Together, they combine forces to create amazing fashions and a more prosperous life than they’d ever dreamed of before the war. But sisterly love can sometimes turn into sibling jealousy. Always playing second fiddle to her sister, Peggy yearns to make her own mark. But as they soon discover, the future is never without its surprises, ones that have the potential to make—or break—their dreams.

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Hinterland DVD crime series

Hinterland DVD crime series

Reviewed by Scotia Tracey

Aberystwyth. Centuries old. A place of searing beauty. A natural crucible of colliding worlds, where history, myth and tradition come face to face with the modern and contemporary.

But its panoramic vistas and quaint facade hide a multitude of sins – this is a place that lives according to its own rules, a place where grudges fester, where the secrets of the past are buried deep.

Into this world steps DCI Tom Mathias. On the run from his past, our thirty-eight-year-old hero is a brilliant but troubled man. Having abandoned his life in London, he finds himself holed up in a trailer park on the outskirts of town – a place filled with secrets as dark and destructive as his own. His partner in crime is DI Mared Rhys. Thirty-three years old, Mared is intelligent and complex with demons of her own to conceal. Together, enigmatic outsider Mathias and hometown girl Mared form an engaging partnership.

Mathias is at the heart of every story. He is a man we instinctively trust, a man who knows that the key to solving that ultimate anti-social crime, murder, lies not in where you look for truth, but how you look. From the windswept sand dunes of the coastline to the Badlands of the hinterland and beyond, this is a detective drama with pace, poetry and scale.

Blood, soil and belonging. This is Hinterland.  And it is available NOW at the Lithgow Library Learning Centre on DVD.

Lily Bard

“Lily Bard Mysteries” omnibus: Charlaine Harris

Lily Bard

“Lily Bard Mysteries” omnibus: Charlaine Harris

Reviewed by Miriam Scott.

Lily Bard is a woman with a past that will make you cringe and very possibly weep. A woman who has used this past to reinvent herself. A woman with a wry sense of humour: Why else would she choose to live in a town with the name of Shakespeare?

The Lily Bard Mysteries combine a love of martial arts, cleaning and doing what’s right with being human and vulnerable. A flawed heroine, but a righteous one, Lily will keep you coming back as she tackles mystery after mystery, builds relationships, grows to know herself and learns to reconcile with her past.

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Star Observer Magazine Review by Ali

Star Observer Magazine.

The Star Observer is a free monthly magazine and online newspaper with social media channels that caters to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex communities in Australia. 

This month check out articles from leading voices in the Australian LGBTIQ community and get the update on upcoming events, concerts and social highlights.

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