Feline Friends – Tales from the heart

Feline Friends – Tales from the heart

Written by: Cat Protection Society of NSW

Reviewed by: Sue Millmore

‘Feline Friends – Tales from the heart’ is a collection of short stories of various lengths from cat owners of all ages, such as 9 year old Harry and 11 year old Zoe. Many of the stories feature cats from the Cat Protection Society who operate a “No Kill” shelter in Newtown, Sydney.

The stories are engrossing and touch the heart. It is well known that cats often choose their owners and the stories reflect this. Despite being badly treated by life and humans, somehow cats of all ages endear themselves to that special person who will look after them for the rest of their lives.

The book is beautifully illustrated with photos of cats and kittens with an amazing array of colours and markings.

A great read – anyone who has owned a cat will identify with many of the tales and find themselves moved by the love that exists between cats and owners.

Feline Friends