FLUDD: Hilary Mantel

FLUDD:  Hilary Mantel.

Guest Book Review By Mike Strange

Hilary Mantel’s novel deals with the consternation of the Roman Catholic Church and the social structure within a rural mining town. The stage is set for a village Parish Priest who has lost his faith to confront his superior and the church in its attempt to modernise outdated religious dictates.

The novel introduces us to the village environment by carrying us through the moors and the community’s growing alienation in its tea swilling obstinance to resisting change. The major characters are very aptly displayed, not only by their appearance but by their gossip, their lively conversation and personal involuntary reactions.

The key to our understanding may be stated as “taken of the divine and made it nearly human”. Is this for the good? Or is the perpetrator merely experimenting and playing with the oncoming change within the Church?

This book is available for loan from the Lithgow Library Learning Centre.