Lithgow Library on the Hunt for Creative Volunteers

Are you creative? Are you available to volunteer to run an introductory workshop on creativity? If so, Lithgow Library would love your help.

The definition of create is: to make or produce (something): to cause (something new) to exist: to cause (a particular situation) to exist: to produce (something new, such as a work of art) by using your talents and imagination.

Library and Information Week (LIW) runs from 25-29 May 2020. LIW is a time for libraries to celebrate and promote what they do. Providing information, assisting with technology and connecting people are some of the most important library activities, as well as providing books and other resources for enjoyment and learning and conducting programs to engage the community.  

The theme for LIW this year is ‘Create’, so Lithgow Library is planning a week long showcase of creativity and is inviting local creatives to volunteer some time during the week to run workshops in the libraries. The aim of the workshops is to promote how enjoyable and rewarding being creative can be, and give people a chance to learn a new skill. It is planned to run workshops at all three library branch at times suitable to the volunteers, even after normal library hours if necessary. Workshops should be no more than two hours. A variety of activities is required across all ages, ideally with a take home sample or ideas at the end. If you have activities that meet the needs of any of the different age groups, children, teens, adults, seniors and those with a disability, the library would love to hear from you.

“The creative workshops will be an opportunity for anyone planning to teach their skill a chance to practice and give people a taste, or for anyone who already teaches, the chance to reach a bigger audience,” said Mayor Ray Thompson.

If you are interested in volunteering to teach a Create workshop during LIW in any of the target groups mentioned above please contact Sharon Lewis or Scotia Tracey at Lithgow Library on 6352 9100 or via email