Little Bang Discovery Club at Lithgow Library

STEAM into Lithgow Library for Little Bang Discovery Club – a great introduction to science for preschoolers aged 3-5.

“Little Bang Discovery Club aims to introduce preschoolers to classifying, questioning, examining, experimenting and measuring. Over four one hour sessions we will discuss these concepts in engaging, easy to understand language, and hopefully inspire the next generation of scientists!” said Lithgow City Council Mayor Stephen Lesslie.

All children deserve the best start in life. Recent developments in brain research are widening our understanding of how critical the early years of life are for a growing child. The evidence shows that children exposed to early learning opportunities through playful endeavours will develop skills, confidence and an aptitude for learning that will remain with them for life.

It is through developing a child’s life-long love of learning that we raise educational aspirations that lead to better choices and more opportunities. This program is brought to us thanks to The Children’s Discovery Museum, Lithgow City Council and Energy Australia.

“What a great way to develop a keen interest in learning and science skills at a young age,” said Mayor Stephen Lesslie, “A love of lifelong learning starts at your local Library, and we are very lucky to have so many exciting programs at Lithgow Library and branches.”

Our next Little Bang will begin on Wednesday 28 February, 9am-10am, and will run for four weeks. The program is for 3-5 year olds and their carers, and encourages interaction between the children and their care giver. Places are limited so please call Lithgow Library on 6352 9100 to secure your place.

Stephen Lesslie
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Terry O’Keefe
Library Coordinator
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