Local Studies Collections Display June 2017

 The Library holds many archives, documents and artefacts in trust for the people of Lithgow. Each month we display a small number of these so the community of Lithgow can see what we have.

The Local Studies display for June features a selection of Wooden Plaques presented to Lithgow City Council over the years. These include commemorations of events in Australia’s history and also gifts from visiting dignitaries from other countries.

This month’s selection

  • Undated- Presented to the People of Lithgow for Clarence Bushfire Tanker
  • 1970- Commemorating 200th Anniversary of Cook’s discovery of
  • Australia
  • 1972- 25th Anniversary of O.T.C. to mark the visit of Gemini XII
  • 1974- Arms of Southport
  • 1977- Middlesbrough Football Club 1876 to 1976 (With decorative plate)
  • 1980- Australian Olympic Games Team for Moscow
  • 1986- Lithgow’s Pictorial Postmark featuring Zig Zag Railway
  • 1988- Australian Bicentenary
  • 1998- Visit of the Governor General to Lithgow
  • 2001- Arms of the Derry City Council

Local Studies Artefacts/Objects display

All of June 2017