The Cave, a talking book by Kate Mosse and narrated by Gordon Griffin. Reviewed by Liz Peters

A wonderfully haunting and suspenseful story with an inexplicable twist, that is set in the mountains near the town of Axat in the South –West of France in 1928 and1328.

A young English man, Freddie Smith, whom lost his brother in the Great War is on a motoring holiday, and whilst driving through a terrible storm has a near tragic car accident.

Whilst he is recuperating at a boarding house in the nearby village Axat, Freddie meets with a young lady he presumes is another guest at the boarding house, called Marie, they talk the night away in the sitting room, where she tells Freddie how the region has been ripped apart by wars of religion in the 14th century.  Upon his waking Marie has vanished.

Freddie must stay in town whilst his car is fixed, so to pass the time searches for Marie and walks the mountains in his quest to find the truth and Marie.

The Cave