“Voices from a High Valley” reviewed by Miriam Scott

“Voices from a High Valley” by Alicia Braithwaite, Linda Woods, Mark Lucas, Maryanne Bower, Melody Mandeno, Rosemary Butler and Vaughan Bryers.

Reviewed by Miriam Scott.

This book is the offspring of the “Lithgow Writers’ Group” which has been meeting weekly since March 2015. With a steady membership of seven, the group chooses the week’s topic at random.

This has the twofold advantage of providing external discipline, which encourages writing for an immediate reason and audience, and also allows each member to expand his or her style beyond anything they could achieve alone, by providing cooperation, encouragement and example.

In this offering you will find stories that explore topics as diverse as ‘Tempest’, ‘Blood Moon’, ‘Soap on a Rope’, ‘Tinker’, ‘And then…’, ‘Stardust’, and  ‘Is it safe to tell the truth?’.

Sweet, sour, truth, fiction this work offers something for everyone.

This book is available at the Lithgow Library Learning Centre.


Voices from a high valley cover