Be Careful What You Witch For by Dawn Eastman

Book Review (submitted by Miriam Scott)

Have you ever wondered at the irony of the naming of the genre ‘cosy’ murder mysteries? What’s so cosy about poison, psychopathic sect members, and psychic gifts that leave you reeling?

Clyde Fortune left a traumatic police career behind to return to her quiet hometown of Crystal Haven, Michigan, but her eccentric family, her runaway ‘Dr Doolittle’ nephew and her ‘please can I have him for Christmas’ almost boyfriend have different ideas of the meaning of the word ‘quiet’.

This second of the Clyde Fortune books sees her settled in her inherited home, with her inherited dog and not at all settled with her inherited powers.

The Crystal Haven Fall Festival provides the opportunity for her best friend’s coven to hold a ritual to try to divine the future in a witches’ cauldron, and for a murderer to strike.

Clyde finds that witches are fair game and that if she is to return her life to its semblance of normality she must focus, not only her psychic but, her sleuthing skills, and catch the killer.

Be Careful What You Witch For