Dilettante Artists Exhibition!

A dilettante artist is someone who creates art for pleasure. A dabbler!

Queen Victoria loved to paint watercolours and was often described as a dilettante artist. Lithgow Library is showcasing some local dilettante artists work during the month of October.

During October Lithgow Library will be hosting an eclectic display of talented local artists. We have artists showcasing various different mediums; from weaving and book art, to drawing and resin art. With something for everyone, this display will engage the senses and delight the eye.

The library has hosted some amazing artworks from local artists this year and it showcases what talent is in our community. This exhibition will provide a variety of different styles and mediums for the community to engage with.

This exhibition will showcase local Capertee photographer Samantha Ellis; artist Norman Lindgren; art and home décor creator Leesa Peterson; book artist and weaver Megan Butler; and book artist Lee Morris.

For more information on this free exhibition contact the Lithgow Library on 63529100.