Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels

Book Review by Robert Lindsay

Evolution’s  Achilles’ Heels

Have you ever wondered about the origins of everything? Contrary to the commonly accepted ruling paradigm of evolution by chance through naturalistic processes over billions of years, nine PhD scientists present convincing evidence for special creation as a viable and even logical alternative. The chapters are authored by well qualified scientists, most of whom once embraced evolutionary dogma. Each of them eventually realised the inconsistencies in this theory. This book shows how the perceived strengths of evolutionary theory are actually weak points or “Achilles’ heels.” Learn how natural selection, the fossil record, the origin of life, cosmology, genetics, radiometric dating, the geologic record and morality and ethics can be explained within a framework of a young creation by a transcendent God. If you have never taken the time to examine the evidence from a creationist perspective, this book could change your life. Could mainstream evolutionary science be wrong? This is your opportunity to decide on what is perhaps life’s most important question.

This book is available for loan from Lithgow Library and Learning Centre


Evolutions Achilles Heel