History Week 2020

Heritage Week

5th September to 13th September

History: What is it good for?

The study of the past and telling its stories are critical to our sense of belonging, to our communities and to our shared future.

History shapes our identities, engages us as citizens, creates inclusive communities, is part of our economic well-being, teaches us to think critically and creatively, inspires leaders and is the foundation of our future generations.

History Week is part of the annual, state-wide celebration of history organised by the History Council of New South Wales which celebrates and raises community awareness of the cultural diversity and rich history and heritage of the Lithgow LGA. In celebration of History Week 2020, Lithgow City Council invites you to delve into local history by engaging with the following:

Heritage Posters

Lithgow City Council has developed a series of posters exploring select themes that resonate with the history of Lithgow.

The posters highlight how critical the history of our community is to our local identity, our inclusive community and our economic wellbeing. The posters follow the stories of important pieces of local heritage and the journey they’ve undertaken to end up where they are now. The posters will be on display at the Lithgow Library and can also be viewed online HERE.

Heritage Posters

Guest Speaker – Interpreting Historic Maps with Brian Fox (Online)

Brian Fox’s professional career with the Department of Lands started after he finished his Higher School Certificate in 1970. In 1976 the department, then known as the Central Mapping Authority, moved to Bathurst. During the course of his career, Brian’s main expertise has been in the area of topographical mapping.

It was his involvement in the third edition of Blue Mountains topographic maps and his love of bushwalking that kindled a passion for investigating the origin of Blue Mountains names. To date, he has documented over 4,000 geographical place names, and his bushwalking over the last 20 years has included over 1,600 day walks.

He has contributed over 60 short articles to various publications. Brian is a member of the Bathurst and the Blue Mountains Historical Societies as well as a member of the Upper Blue Mountains Bushwalking Club and The Bush Club, a Sydney-based bushwalking club.

His published works include five books on geography and map making, joint publication 12 books relating to bush walking and Blue Mountains National Parks.

At present Brian is working on 4 more books relating to Blue Mountain walks and history.

Please join us online for this Zoom Event at 11:00am on Thursday 10th September 2020. To book this event and receive your link and passcode go to the Lithgow Library Website Events Online Author Talk.


Brian Fox