Large amounts of facial hair lost at the library for Movember

Lithgow Library celebrated Movember with talks on men’s health and well-being and the shedding of facial hair by “willing” participants on Wednesday 29 November. James Clarke from Cnr Chiropractic spoke about the importance of men’s health and taking care of one another. James would like to start a discussion group about men’s issues. If anyone is interested please contact the library. Tim from Tough Grind Barbers talked about how his role often involves accidental counselling and how he is preparing to undertake training in this area. Three brave participants Ian Rufus, Bruce Royall and Issac Beggs then undertook grooming sessions with library staff member Bruce Royall taking the biggest cut of all, losing his beard which has been part of his life for 30 years. It is not too late to donate to the cause. Donations can be made via the library Movember Australia link