My Culture My Story: Brass Beer Methodism and Mining – the British Migrants Who Shaped Lithgow

Lithgow Methodist Band 

For the Australian Heritage Festival Vaughan Bryers, Ray Christison and Don White will be speaking at the library on 19 May 2018, from 10am to 1pm. There will also be a performance by the Lithgow City Band. Images and objects relating to these theme will be on display at the library during May 2018.

Vaughan Bryers – William Mills – a pioneer of Lithgow, and what his life story has to offer us today

“The over-riding ethnicity of the citizens of Lithgow is Anglo-celtic and the cultures that most of us live by now have their origins in the 19th Century and in the British Isles. Although everyone actually lives in some sort of culture, we often forget it in the busyness of daily life and take the way we live for granted. That’s fine – we can do that, we get by.

But I will argue that becoming even a little bit more aware of our main cultural heritage – rejoicing in the good and acknowledging the mistakes – will help us lead happier, more enriched and satisfying lives.” (Vaughan Bryers, 2018).

Ray Christison – Methodism and Mining- focuses on the mining union including Robert Ross, Thomas and Robert Druery, Samuel Penna, Joseph Cook and William Rickard.

Don White – History of the Lithgow City Band following a performance by the band.

19 May 2018

10am to 1pm