Telstra Tech Savvy Seniors Classes at the Library

The use of computers can be daunting after a ‘certain’ age – add mobile devices such as tablets, smart phones, and e-readers to the equation and you can have too much confusion and too many obstacles to going online.

Sometimes people who have never needed to go online, suddenly realize the need for these skills with an urgent situation or perhaps to stay in touch with a family while on an overseas trip.

To provide senior members of the community with some insight into this mysterious world, the Lithgow Library Learning Centre in Main Street Lithgow is hosting a Telstra Tech Savvy Seniors class. This class on Tuesday 4 August 2015 from 10.00am to 12.30pm, will be held in the Library’s upstairs meeting room. The first in a series of classes, this session will cover the basics of tablet use. Ipads will be provided for use in the session, and you can bring your own devices too.

Classes are free and bookings are essential.

“Internet use and computer literacy is becoming essential in our society. Our seniors are required to use it for banking, staying in touch and accessing government services such as Medicare. These classes will provide a gateway for seniors who feel overwhelmed by technology,” said Mayor Maree Statham.

Providing a range of quality exhibitions and community programs that offer educational and social opportunities for all members of the community is part of Council’s Caring for the Community Strategy in the Community Strategic Plan 2026.



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