The Snow Kimono by Mark Henshaw

Reviewed by Terry O’Keefe

This stunningly beautiful novel is a pleasure to read – poetic, complex, engaging and deeply emotional.

Set in Paris and Japan, The Snow Kimono tells the stories of Inspector Jorvert, former Professor of Law Tadashi Omura, and his one-time friend the writer Katsuo Ikeda. All three men have liied to themselves, and to each other. And these lies are about to catch up with them.

This book is like the Japanese puzzles which the narrator describes: ‘Some pieces are small, others large, but all are calculated to deceive, to lead one astray, in order to make the puzzle as difficult, as challenging, as possible. In our tradition, how a puzzle is made, and how it is solved, reveals some greater truth about the world.’

Described as a ‘mediataion on love and loss, on memory and its deceptions, and the ties that bind us to each other’ this novel recently won the NSW Premiers Literary Award.

A haunting and evocative tale – highly recommended!

Snow Kimono by Mark Henshaw