Top Secret Twenty-one – by Janet Evanovich

“Top Secret Twenty-one” – by Janet Evanovich

Reviewed by Miriam Scott

Have you ever felt as though ‘klutz’ is your middle name, your diet doesn’t include the word healthy and your life is a disorganized and uncontrollable mess? Then you need a dose of Stephanie Plum!

Janet Evanovich’s heroine will put your life into perspective. Stephanie attracts disasters, rockets and bad guys like burly attracts sharks. Her solution and solace in almost every situation is donuts, pizza or peanut butter and olive sandwiches. Her cars are destined to be destroyed and her relatives, friends and workmates make the Adam’s Family look like the epitome of ‘functional’. Her hamster has more lives than a dozen cats.

In “Top Secret Twenty-one” Stephanie tracks down fugitives with her sidekick Lula, an ex-ho, tackles a horde of Chihuahua minions, thwarts the polonium poisoning of a trade show of Vodka salesmen and watches her grandmother erode her mother’s sanity and sobriety on a daily basis.

This babe juggles the dangerous and mysterious Ranger and the equally dangerous and smouldering Morelli; and gets away with it!

Chance an adventure with Stephanie Plum and you will find yourself cringing at the sheer political incorrectness of her characters and laughing out loud at the same.

Top Secret 21