Lithgow Library Learning Centre is a thriving library service which offers an excellent information service and access to a variety of resources, including books, DVDs, periodicals and computer and internet access.

Vision Statement

“Lithgow Library Learning Centre - a place to inspire lifelong learning, enrich and build community”.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Lithgow Library Learning Centre is to:

  • be a place that celebrates knowledge and learning
  • be open, inviting and relevant
  • support lifelong learning for all members of our community
  • support the historical understanding of our community
  • provide a comfortable, safe and welcoming environment


Library News

Baby Bounce and Rhyme Time at the Library
Babies love music and movement, they are sponges for everything that goes on around them.  Parents are being encouraged by Lithgow Library to use the enjoyment of sound and play to develop early lite... Read more
Conflict and Compassion
In this ANZAC centenary year, Lithgow City Council will present the National Trust Heritage Festival of 2015.  The program of events features an exhibition of WWI postcards, photographic images and o... Read more
Lithgow Celebrates 2015 Seniors Week
Be Inspired is the theme of the 2015 Lithgow Seniors Week program which encourages seniors to celebrate in a festival of art, music, entertainment, technology, recreation, health and sport. The Be ... Read more

Book Reviews

The curious incident of the dog in the night-time by Mark Haddon (review submitted by Liz)
The curious incident of the dog in the night-time is a compelling and funny story of a young boy named Christopher Boone who has a different outlook on life, is different from everyone and just cannot... Read more
Glen Davis in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales: the shale oil ghost town and its people 1938-1954 by Leonie Knapman
Book Review (submitted by Kay Shirt) Massive ruins tower in silence above the scrub of the remote and beautiful Capertee Valley. But 60 years ago, streets in Glen Davis bustled with shopkeepers and... Read more
Be Careful What You Witch For by Dawn Eastman
Book Review (submitted by Miriam Scott) Have you ever wondered at the irony of the naming of the genre ‘cosy’ murder mysteries? What’s so cosy about poison, psychopathic sect members, and psy... Read more