Plastic Free July Morning Tea

Take the pledge and support Lithgow’s Plastic Free July morning tea Wednesday 17th July at the Lithgow Library.

Did you know; Australians use 1.3 million tonnes of plastic each year!

Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution – so we can have cleaner streets, oceans, and beautiful communities.

To celebrate Plastic Free July, Lithgow Council will be holding a plastic free morning tea at Lithgow Library on Wednesday 17 July 2019 commencing at 10.30am.

Councillor Cassandra Coleman said “Most of us are aware that plastic will survive in the environment for hundreds of years. Rather than biodegrading, plastic photodegrades, breaking down into smaller and smaller pieces. Plastic is also lightweight and moisture resistant, meaning it can float easily in air and water, and travel long distances. To celebrate Plastic Free July and encourage people to Choose to Refuse single use plastic, Council would like to invite the community to Morning Tea. Please come along and do your part in reducing single use plastics.”

The best way to limit creating plastic waste is to prevent using it in the first place; avoid, reduce, reuse and recycle!

If you can’t make to morning tea and you would like to pledge your support online visit or or Councils website

Boomerang Bags 1st Birthday Celebration  












Lithgow Boomerang Bags held an open day at Lithgow Library in 2018 and are returning to the library to celebrate their first birthday with another sew-in and morning tea on Friday 21 June from 10.30am to 2.30pm. The group is looking for more volunteers and you don’t need to be able to sew, because there are other jobs to do like cutting and pinning, but you can learn to use the sewing machine and overlocker if you want. So be sure to drop in for a cuppa and to get a free Boomerang Bag.




Friday 21 June 2019


10.30am to 2.30pm

Biggest Morning Tea @ Lithgow Library

Lithgow Library will once again be hosting the Biggest Morning Tea and we invite everyone to come along, have a cuppa and some yummy goodies for a small (or large!) donation and help raise funds for cancer research.


Thursday 23 May, 2019


10 am to 12 noon

Maths Fun in Libraries

Introduce numeracy skills to your pre-schooler in a fun and playful way at your local library!

Lithgow Library is partnering with the Smith Family to host four free play-based maths sessions for parents and their 3-5 year olds. This is a fun opportunity to begin exploring mathematical concepts with your child, such as measurement, counting, shapes, spatial awareness and more– through play, stories, songs and hands-on activities. Together with the facilitator you will develop your child’s foundational numeracy skills, a love of learning and a positive experience of maths in daily life.

For a large number of us, maths was the one subject we disliked at school and the thought of teaching maths to our children is a scary one. The sessions encourage the parent and child to discover how simple maths concepts can be, through activities utilising everyday objects and play. They also demonstrate just how much we use maths and how easily you can incorporate maths concepts into your child’s daily life.

“Parents and other family carers are their child’s first and most important teachers. If a child likes doing maths-type activities when they are little, then they are more likely to do well at school in maths. Young children learn best through play and investigation and that is what this program is all about,” said Mayor Cr. Ray Thompson.

The program consists of four weekly 1 hour sessions at Lithgow Library starting at 10.30am Friday 31 May 2019. Bookings are essential as places are limited. Please contact Lithgow Library on 63529100 if you and your child would like to participate.


Library & Information Week 2019

Lithgow Library invites you to participate in Library & Information Week from the 20th to 24th May 2019 when the library will be providing the first of a series of digital information sessions.

The convenience of electronic resources allows you to take a library with you anywhere on your personal device. From Rb Digital’s suite of eBooks, eMagazines and e-Audios to our streaming service, Beamafilm which is Australia’s premium movie streaming channel for true stories and independent voices. The catalogue of movies has been carefully curated to include over 500 award-winning documentaries, independent features and festival favourites to delight, inspire and entertain you. Many of the films can only be found on Beamafilm.

Ziptales is an online literacy website, custom built by digital publishers with a background in teaching and with a mission to make reading fun for all primary age children. They offer over 550 modules of educational content including a ‘Preschool’ section (ages 3-5), a ‘Developing Literacy’ section (ages 5-8), and an ‘Extending Literacy’ section, (Years 3 to 6, ages 8-12).

The stories range from very simple texts at the beginner reader level, up to sophisticated narratives for older children. All Ziptales content is aligned to the National Curriculum and is designed for school, home and library use.

Haynes All Access is a database available for anyone with an interest in cars and motorcycles; from undertaking an oil change to understanding how our car works.

“Lithgow Library continues to provide exceptional resources and support to the Lithgow community. Beamafilm offers streaming of quality documentaries, films and Australian content while Ziptales offers educational puzzles, games and tools for children of all ages,” said Mayor Cr Ray Thompson.

You will need to be a member of the library to access these resources, so if you aren’t currently a member drop into any of the branches at Lithgow, Portland or Wallerawang to join.  Membership is free and is open to all residents of the Lithgow Council area. For more information contact the Lithgow Library on 6352 9100.

Avoiding Scams – Law Week 2019

Are you worried about sharing private information when you shop or pay your bills online? Have you had a phone call telling you that you need to pay your tax debt now or you’ll be arrested? A free talk at the Lithgow Library during Law Week may just help you avoid the scammers.

Scammers are people keen to get their hands on our money and our identity details. This presentation by a Legal Aid NSW lawyer outlines common scams. It will help you identify online scams, door to door scams, and scammers who contact you on the telephone. It will give you some practical tips on protecting yourself and give you information about how to report scams to authorities, how to protect your identity and how the law can help if you get scammed.

“With scams becoming an increasing problem, this presentation by Legal Aid is a great opportunity for you to become better informed on your legal rights. I encourage everyone to come along,” said Mayor Ray Thompson.

The free talk will take place at Lithgow Library on Wednesday 15 May 2019 from 11:00am to 12:00pm. Light refreshments will be served prior to the talk at 10.30am.  Bookings are essential for this event and can be made by contacting the library on 6352 9100.

Easter Storytime at Lithgow Library

With Easter almost upon us again, Lithgow Library has a special visitor coming to Storytime to help celebrate!

 “Easter is a magical time for children and their families and the Easter Storytime at Lithgow Library is an annual tradition, with lots of fun and excitement for the children,” said Mayor Clr Ray Thompson. 

Storytime is a popular preschool literacy program aimed at 3-5 year olds. Each week we read books, sing songs and follow up with a craft activity focusing on building fine motor skills.

On Wednesday 17th April at 10.30am we will have a special visit by the Easter Bunny who is coming along to share our songs and stories, and leave behind some eggs for the children to hunt using their very own handmade Easter baskets.

This is a free event and all are welcome.

Please contact Lithgow Library on 6352 9100 if you need any further information.


Author Talk – Tom Lovett – Battle for the Truth

Lithgow Library will be hosting an author talk by Tom Lovett on Saturday 6 April from 10am to 12pm.

Battle for Truth by Thomas R Lovett, is futuristic adventure and romance set in Sydney Australia in the last decade of the 21st century. Sub-titled Resisting the Future One World Government, the story moves and entertains while encouraging the reader to think about trends in society and where those trends are leading. This epic futuristic story of conspiracies amidst radical social and technological changes contains gripping battle scenes between light and dark spiritual forces, and describes the calamities facing the world and human life.

The free author talk will take place at Lithgow Library on Saturday 6 April 2019 from 10am to 12pm. Morning tea is provided and bookings are preferred by contacting the library on 63529100.

Harmony Day Storytime at Lithgow Library

Lithgow Library invites everyone to a special multicultural Harmony Day Storytime on Wednesday 20 March 2018.

“Diversity is what makes Australia a great place to live and Harmony Day is a celebration of our cultural diversity – a day of cultural respect for everyone who calls Australia home,” said Mayor Cr Ray Thompson.

The message of Harmony Day is ‘everyone belongs’.  Harmony Day aims to engage people to participate in their community, respect cultural and religious diversity and foster a sense of belonging for everyone. Since 1999, more than 70,000 Harmony Day events have been held in childcare centres, schools, community groups, churches, businesses and federal, state and local government agencies across Australia.

“Our cultural diversity should be something we celebrate every day. It’s what makes us stronger as a community. Harmony Day is a day of cultural respect for all”, continued the Mayor.

Participants at the special Harmony Day Storytime will enjoy some stories from around the world, fun songs, craft activities, delicious Vietnamese rolls from Pho 68 and other multicultural treats.

 Storytime is an early literacy program aimed at pre-schoolers and their families. This is a free event and all are welcome so why not join in on Wednesday 20 March 2018 from 10.30am.

Please contact Lithgow Library on 6352 9100 if you need any further information.



Book Launch at Lithgow Library


Lithgow Library invites you to the launch of a new children’s picture book written and published by local author Suzanne Day.

Suzanne Day has written a number of children’s books which she is publishing over time. Her latest published picture book, Adventures of Constable Teddybear in Teddybearland, will be launched at Lithgow Library on Friday March 22 at 10:00am.

Suzanne is a local artist who tries to include important life lessons in all of her works. The majority of her works contain a message to help educate children about things like boundaries, self esteem, values and domestic violence. Her latest book contains an important message about bullying.

 “Local artists and authors are a valuable resource in this community and we are lucky to have this opportunity where they can present their works to the community,” said Mayor Cr Ray Thompson.

This event will be held at Lithgow Library on Friday March 22 2019, at 10:00am. Light refreshments will be provided. RSVP preferred for catering purposes.

For more information on this free event please contact Lithgow Library on

6352 9100 or